How To Write A Term Paper Outline Like A Pro

Your term paper outline is your main guide throughout this work process. It is your compass and it will show you the way throughout the entire writing procedure. It is important to know that you do not need to include it in your paper. Instead, you have to do it for yourself.

While some people overlook this step, it is critical for a longterm successful paper and it will make your job significantly easier. From this point of view, it is worth knowing what it should be like and what to pay attention to when you do it.

Benefits of a term paper outline

Guidance is the most important benefit of this research paper outline. You basically have a plan. Just like for anything else in life, you write down some steps to follow, so it will keep you on track when you run out of ideas or you got no clue what comes next.

Then, this outline helps you stick to the main points. When you write something so long, it is extremely easy to get lost. You will go from one topic to another, without an actual structure. Having a plan keeps you focused on what really matters.

While this step is often overlooked, some professors actually demand it upfront. It is up to your professor. Some of them will ask you to submit the outline before getting to work on the actual paper, only to ensure you go in the right direction.

Finally, keep in mind that you will usually be able to change the term paper outline or come up with small updates. You can revise it every now and then as you get new ideas, but also restructure it if you feel like it could be better.

Now that you know the benefits of this outline, what are its main parts and what should they contain?


The introduction is basic. It should not include too many details. It is an opening part and underlines the main purpose of the paper. You should state the thesis, but also keep in mind that you must tell the reader what the problem is.

Your term paper is about a problem. You analyze a problem and you aim to find a solution. You study it, so you have to introduce the reader to this issue. Otherwise, no one will know what to expect from the term paper – this part is critical.


The body is where all the action goes. It normally comes in a series of headings and subheadings. They are obviously related to the topic. Imagine the body like a mix of ideas in the right order. Then, each idea should come up with more smaller ideas.

The first part could include the history of the problem you analyze. You can mention previous similar problems, as well as past attempts to come up with solutions. The second heading will expand the problem a little. What kind of impact does it have? Who does it affect?

The third heading can mention the effects of the problem, while the fourth heading brings in some potential future solutions. At the end of the day, each term paper is different, so you can bring in a plethora of subheadings and ideas.


This is the final step of your term paper outline. It is often overlooked, but it should never miss. This is when you wrap everything up and deliver a conclusion. While some people will be able to come up with the conclusion themselves, it pays off surprising everyone with an unexpected idea.

All in all, the conclusion will sum up all the points in your term paper. It gives a specific and crystal clear answer to your thesis. It must be relatively short, but also concise and straight to the point, so never overlook it.

As a short final conclusion, getting a term paper outline will, indeed, pay off. It helps you develop a plan. When you have a plan, everything else becomes so much easier in the long run. You are less likely to get lost and you will certainly manage to develop an organized piece of work to impress your professor and readers.